Committee & By-Laws

Hall of Fame Committee Members:

David Utterback- Chairperson (

Eileen Williams- Secretary of Records

Daniel O'Connell- Nominations Coordinator (

Kathleen Cahill- Banquet & Events Coordinator

Dennis Kiah (HOF '17)

Dottie Whalen

Rebecca Bubar

Anne Pooler

Jim White

Jim Garrity

Dick Gray

David Jeffrey (HOF '14)

Paul Soucy 

Sarah Estes

David Farley (HOF '14)

Superintendent of Schools, Cheri Towle (non-voting invited attendee)

Principal of Brewer High School, Brent Slowikowski (non-voting invited attendee)


Mission Statement:

The mission of the Brewer Athletic Hall of Fame is to honor Brewer High School athletes, coaches, administrators, special contributors and teams whose achievements and involvement in athletics have brought outstanding recognition and esteem to themselves, and to Brewer High School; to celebrate athletic excellence as an essential educational component in the high school experience; to inspire present and future student-athletes and teams to strive for excellence and distinction in all their athletic and non-athletic endeavors through individual effort, team work, dedication and perseverance by perpetuating the memory and accomplishments of those who have served as role models; and to shine light on the rich athletic tradition that has been generated through the years by the outstanding athletic programs of Brewer High School.




The Selection Committee:

A minimum of 7 adults will serve on the committee from the following categories below.

The chairperson is responsible for forming the members of the selection committee and the formation of any subcommittees there within.

  1. Athletic Director of Brewer Schools (will serve as chairperson)
  2. Current teaching staff member at Brewer High School (minimum 1)
  3. Current coaching staff members at Brewer High School (minimum 1)
  4. Community members and/or alumni (minimum 4)
  5. *Superintendent of Schools, High School principal.

*denotes non-voting members

All members are expected to vote and attend full committee meetings when available.


The selection committee will share responsibilities during the induction ceremony. All members of the selection committee should be present at the presentation of the plaques for the honorees. The following duties will be assigned within the selection committee:

  1. Nominations coordinator 
  2. Secretary of Records
  3. Banquet/Event Coordinator

For the purposes of this committee, the Chair (AD) will serve as the Media Liaison as well as treasurer. The role of the treasurer is to coordinate funding with the financial secretary at Brewer High School. All funds will be deposited and debited out of the Brewer High school “Hall of Fame” activity account. 


Factors for consideration: Student-Athletes-

  1. Superior accomplishments as a varsity athlete at BHS, such as, but not limited to: all- conference, all-state, all-New England or all-American status or other significant accolades (collegiate scholarship related to athletics).
  2. A minimum of 5 years out of high school or is deceased.
  3. Continuing athletic excellence at the collegiate, national, amateur or professional level.
  4. Serves as a role model before and after graduation from BHS.
  5. Academic and/or post-college career accomplishments.
  6. Other factors considered by the committee.

Factors for consideration: Coaches, Administrators and Special Contributors-

  1. Significant contributions made to the athletic program, taking into account longevity, overall coaching records and team (*and individual) championships.
  2. Significant contributions to promote athletics.  
  3. Serves as a role model before and after graduation from BHS.
  4. Other factors considered by the committee.

*A coach may have worked with several individual champions over the years in his/her sport, such as swimming/diving, track and field, tennis, wrestling, cross country, golf, however, not won any team championships.


Individual Nomination Process:

Individual candidates may be nominated at any time during the year. Nomination forms may be obtained from the high school office or from the school districts website. In order for a candidate to be considered, the nomination form must be COMPLETELY filled out. Nomination forms must be submitted by February 1 for the fall induction class.


Team Nomination Process (added to by-laws 3/15/2017):

Team nominations will be obtained through the members of the Athletic Hall of Fame committee only. Each committee member may nominate one team, if they choose. Committee members are not required to nominate teams, if they choose. All team nominations are due from committee members to the nominations coordinator by March 1. 

The purpose of the team induction is to recognize and honor memorable and historic teams of the past and their team members and coaches that have played at either a state or regional championship level and left a lasting impression on the Brewer community and Brewer High School.


Individuals Selection Process:

All former Brewer High School Student-Athletes, coaches, administrators and special contributors are eligible for selection into the athletic hall of fame.

  • Each nominee’s application will be reviewed by each committee member.
  • Nominees will go through two voting procedures to become inductees.
    • Each committee member will evaluate the nominee’s application and vote for no more than 50% of the total nominees. For the first year, fifteen (15) nominees with the most votes will become finalists. Any nominees that are tied for the last finalist position will become finalists.
    • Second, each committee member will then rank the finalists in order. The first year of the point total will begin with 15 points. In other words, a committee members first choice would get 15 points, second would get 14 points, and so on.
      • In succeeding years, the point total will begin at 10 points.
    • In the first year, the top 10 point earners will be inducted.
    • In the second year, the top 6 point earners will be inducted (amendment to by-laws in Winter of 2014).  
      • On an annual basis, 5 living inductees will be inducted, along with the candidates post-humously that earn enough points to be inducted in a given year (amendment to by-laws in May of 2015 by unanimous vote).
    • In each preceding year, the top 5 points earners will be inducted.
    • In the event of a tie, the committee will re-vote on all those that are tied, and the inductee with the highest point total will be inducted.
    • In the first round of voting, each committee member will submit their votes to the nominations coordinator to be counted. The nominations coordinator will present a slate of finalists to the committee and keep track of nominees who did not receive enough votes to be considered a finalist. Each committee member will then rank the finalists in order and present their list to the chairperson for tabulation. Once tabulated, and if there are no ties, the chairperson will present a slate of inductees to the committee.
      • In determining a class for a given year, it is the committee’s obligation to ensure the class is representative of all eligible groups to ensure a well-balanced hall of fame.  


Team selection process (added to by-laws 3/29/2018):  

  • Nominations will be obtained through Committee members only, on an annual basis.

  • Teams not inducted in the previous year are to be disregarded. A committee member would need to re-nominate the team the following year for reconsideration.

  • A committee member may only nominate one team. Committee members are not required to nominate any teams if they choose.

  • Team nominations are to be turned in to the nominations coordinator by March 1 of the calendar year.

  • Teams nominated will be discussed at the Finalists Meeting, held annually by the committee.

  • A two step process will be utilized in the team voting process.

    • Round 1: If there are more than two nominations, each committee member will rank each nominated team, similar to the process of the individuals, assigning each choice a point value. The top two choices will proceed to the final round.

      • If there is just one nominated team, this round will be skipped, and the lone nominated team will advance to Round 2.

    • Round 2: In the final voting round, each committee member MUST VOTE on one of the finalists. Additionally, in order to be inducted, the highest rated team must garner ⅔ of the vote by the committee.

      • If there is just one nominated team, committee members will cast a vote for that team, or no vote. Again, in order to be inducted, the team must garner at least ⅔ votes from the committee members. 


Induction Process:

Selection Committee will meet between March 1 and April 1 to select the inductees for the upcoming fall.

The inductions will take place in the fall during Spirit Week, capped off with a ceremony at the Homecoming Football game.

  • A banquet/dinner will be held the Thursday before the homecoming football game to honor the Hall of Fame class and work of the committee.
  • Brief overview of the accomplishments over the public address system at Doyle Field.
  • A trophy is presented to the inductee.
    • Certificates will be presented to team members of the team inducted.
    • Any player not in attendance at the banquet can request a certificate mailed to them.
  • Inductees name will be placed on the BHS Hall of Fame Board located in the main lobby of the High school.
  • Team Recognition:


    The team being inducted will have their team name and year placed on the proper hall of fame era panel, as well as a biography page created for that induction class on the athletic hall of fame website. The online biography will remain consistent with individual inductee’s biographies.


    Team members, defined as student-athletes, managers, coaches only, will be contacted and invited by the liaison(s) responsible to the best of their abilities to reach out to all team members.

    Team members able to attend the induction banquet will pay for their meals at the induction ceremony. Attendance at the banquet will be noted through the normal RSVP process of banquet attendance.

    Each team member in attendance, or who wishes to have a certificate mailed to them, will receive a certificate commemorating their team’s induction. Each individual able to attend the banquet will be called up individually to receive their certificate.

    All attempts and efforts will be made to have the team's head coach/coach(es), and/or captain(s) speak about that team at the induction banquet within the similar protocol and standards applied to individual inductees.

Finances/Naming Rights (agreement adopted March 2017):

As of March 22, 2017, the Hall of Fame committee was approached by an annual sponsor reaching an agreement for naming rights based on the criteria that was written above. An agreement with Richard & Donna Corey Varney was made to name the Hall of Fame in their honor based on financial terms agreed upon between the Hall of Fame Committee, the Brewer School Department and the Corey-Varney family. As of March 22, 2017, the Hall of Fame will be referred to as the “Brewer Athletic Hall of Fame, presented by Richard & Donna Corey-Varney.” This is a perpetual agreement and is in effect for along as the Hall of Fame exists. Individuals may still donate to the Athletic Hall of Fame through our general donor program.

Original By-Laws adopted: 2/11/2014
First revision: December 2015
Ammended: 11/17/2016
Ammended: 3/22/2017
Ammended: 3/29/2018