BCS Guy Toole Award recipients

Each year, BCS Coaches nominate, and vote for a recipient of the Guy Toole Sportsmanship Award. 

The award recognizes an 8th graders overall athletic career at BCS as well as their charecter and leadership on and off the field. 

The award is presented to one female and one male in honor of longtime Brewer Middle School employee, Guy Toole. 


2019: Madison Morneau & Brady Saunders 

2018: Mackenzie Gagnon & Colby Smith

2017: Olivia Mosca & Logan Geiser

2016: Kenzie Dore & Justyn George

2015: Joshua Hart & Maria Low

2014: Kobe Rogerson & Emily Lord

2013: Samuel Gardner & Castine Barry-Grant

2012: Michelle Ward & Carter Smith

2011: Greg Warmuth & Samantha Pellegrino

2010: Chase Allen & Candace Doughty