Team Rules


1.You are expected to be at practice every day.  Practices will start at 2:45 PM and will be done at 4:45 PM (unless otherwise noted on or by the coaching staff. For example, "Field House Practice"). Absences must be cleared with the coaches ahead of time.  If you stay after schoolfor extra-help with a teacher or if you have a club meeting please bring a pass from the teacher or adviser.  If you miss a practice or meet unexcused, there will be a consequence. You are allowed a total of 10 absences from practices during the course of the season, for any reason- excused vs. unexcused. At  that point a conference will be held between athlete, coaches, and parents to determine whether the athlete should continue with the season.  


2.You are expected to follow the Extracurricular Athletic Code that you and your parents have signed. Substance abuse will be dealt with following the guidelines of the code.  Make sure that you do not use tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs.  You are also not allowed to be in an area where other people are using thesesubstances, even if you are not.  Be careful about the situations that you put yourself into. 


3.You need to be responsible for school equipment that you use during practice and meets.  Make sure that you take care of equipment after practices and meets. You should know where your uniform is at all timesand take good care of it.


4.When we go to meets, you need to dress appropriately.  Try to wear something that identifies youas a member of the Brewer High Track Team.


5. Inappropriate language or unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated. You should never argue with a meet official. If there is a problem, find a coach to handle the situation.


6. In order to be eligible to participate in practices or meets, you must be present for a minimum of 2 blocks on that day as set forth by the Athletic Department. Refer to the Athletic Departments policy regarding attendance and access to activities. 


7. If you are involved in an outside activity such as a part time job, it should not interfere with practices or meets.  If you cannot change your work schedule to accommodate your team responsibilities, you should make a choice about which one to do.  If you are participating in another school activity such as band, robotics, or drama we will work with you so that hopefully you can do both. We are willing to be flexible to allow you to do both, but please communicate with us and keep your absences to a minimum.


8. If you need to see our athletic trainer Jake Cross or team doctor Pat Healy for an injury, talk to one of the coaches first to let us know what problems you are experiencing.  You need the permission to treat form filled out before they will see you. The Certified Athletic Trainer will be available most days, after school, during the week. 


9. Track and field is a team sport.  At meets, you are expected to support your teammates when you are not competing in your events.  Friends not on the team are not allowed in the team area during meets.  You are required to ride the bus home at the end of the meet.


10. If you are injured at a meet and cannot compete in all of your events, you must tell a coach. Under no circumstances will you scratch from an event without prior approval of a coach.


11.You are not allowed to leave a meet after your events are over – you must stay until the meet is over and we have held our team meeting.  We will take attendance at the team meeting and anyone who has left without permission will meet with the coaches.


12. Athletes are expected to treat the coaches with respect and recognize their authority to make decisions regarding individuals and the team.  When a coach is talking you need to listen.  When a coach explains a workout, do the workout exactly as described.  We need to know where you are and what you are doing at all times. 


13. Coaches will decide which events you will be competing in at meets.  First priority will be the events where you can help the team be successful.  We will try to accommodate your personal preference for events but cannot guarantee it. 


14. Communication between coach and athlete are very important.  We will try to be clear in our expectations; if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.  We will try to be fair in our decisions.  Being fair is not looking the other way when someone breaks the rules, or not holding someone accountable for their actions.  Being fair is treating everyone the same when upholding the rules and expectations for being a contributing member of the team.  All of you are special, but you will not receive special treatment!




Everyone needs to pay a $15 activity fee per sport.  Take cash or a check to Ms. Goodrich in the athletic office no later than the second week of practice.  She will give you a receipt to give to your parents




Letter requirements for Indoor Track
40 Points are needed to letter (pending weather-related meet
These can be scored in meets, earned during the season through various
Qualifying for EMITl meet (more than just relay only)-----------2
Qualifying for state meet---------------------------------------------4
Breaking a class record----------------------------------------------2
Breaking a school record--------------------------------------------6
Relay points are divided Evenly Amongst the 4 runners