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2019 FALL Online Apparel Shops ARE CLOSED! 


 online stores will open again for Winter Sport offerings near the end of October.

 For Brewer Witches apparel, please contact the vendor. WIGHTS SPORTING GOODS directly.


Open Dates for ordering-

Round 1: Now through July 21, 2019 Please note, all orders placed between now and July 21 will be processed on July 21, and not before. 

Ordering in Round 1 should help ensure (but not totally gurantee) delivery of items prior to the first countable fall contest. ROUND 1 IS CLOSED.



Round 2: August 12 through August 21: Please note, all orders placed between August 12 and August 21 will be processed on August 21.

Waiting to order in Round 2 will not ensure delivery of items prior to the first contest of the season. 



*Please note ordering online apparel items and team gear DOES NOT ensure team selection in the "cut activities" at Brewer High School. Folks worried about team selection may want to wait until after cuts are made during the "Round 2" ordering window.


Access to the Wights Sporting Goods online stores below: 


Boys Soccer

Girls Soccer



Cross Country

Fall Cheerleading (required items are noted)

Golf (each golfer needs a match polo)

Field Hockey


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