Committee & By-Laws

Hall of Fame Committee Members:


all correspondences directed at the Brewer Athletic Hall of Fame should be sent to or via mail to the attention of "the Hall of Fame Committee", 79 Parkway So., Brewer, ME, 04412. 


Daniel O'Connell (HOF '19)- Chairperson

Jim White- Vice Chairperson

Kathleen Cahill- Secretary and Banquet & Events Coordinator

Eileen Williams

Dennis Kiah (HOF '17)

Dottie Whalen

Rebecca Bubar

Anne Pooler

Jim Garrity

Dick Gray

David Jeffrey (HOF '14)

Paul Soucy 

Sarah Estes

David Farley (HOF '14)

David Utterback- Executive Director & Treasurer 

Superintendent of Schools (non-voting invited attendee)

Principal of Brewer High School, Brent Slowikowski (non-voting invited attendee)


The complete By-Laws were revised in the spring of 2019. The Hall of Fame committee feels strongly in fluidity in their organization and proceeses there within, therefore, bylaws have been revised frequently to meet the needs of the Hall of Fame and its purpose.


PDF Link to By-Laws


Original By-Laws adopted: 2/11/2014
First revision: December 2015
Ammended: 11/17/2016
Ammended: 3/22/2017
Ammended: 3/29/2018
Second Readong of current Revision: September 2019.