Parent Communication Tips

At the high school level, we encourage student-athletes to advocate for themselves.

If there are issues with a student-athletes playing time, or their role on a team, it is encouraged that the student-athlete approach their coach to discuss the situation. 

When parents feel compelled to contact the coach, we ask that the follow protocol outlined in the communication guide below. 

Parent-Coach Communication Guide

Many times, proper communication will help many tense situations. We encourage parents to utilize the proper manners of communicating with their childs coach. 

The athletic director will not meet with, or discuss playing time with parents. It is not the role of the athletic director to dictate to coaches who plays and how much a child plays in a contest. Just as it is not the role of the principal to tell the band director which children perform as the first chair of the Jazz Ensemble. 

If there is any confusion about this procedure, please contact Mr. Utterback directly.