BCS Athletic Code of Conduct


Students in grades 6, 7, and 8 are eligible to participate in athletics at the Brewer Community School. In situations where 5th graders are needed on “B” team rosters, a separate tryout for those students will be held once team sizes and needs are determined. Disclaimer: The Eastern Maine Middle School league rules prohibit the use of 5th graders in the sports of soccer, field hockey, basketball, cheerleading, baseball and softball unless extenuating circumstances require the need to fill out "B" rosters with students in 5th grade.

Students who fail more than one academic course at each reporting period are ineligible to participate in athletics until the next reporting period clears the student academically. (*reporting periods are defined as end of trimester reports).

Students will be determined ineligible on a game by game basis based on demerits accumulated as well as suspensions from school. Student suspension will also result in a period of ineligibility as outlined in the student-handbook.

Substance Use/Abuse-

Any student-athlete found in possession, or discovered to have been in the presence of under-age individuals using tobacco (or tobacco related products such as e-cigarettes), alcohol, and/or illegal/non-prescribed medications will be removed from participation and referred to the school resource officer for substance use counselling.  Reinstatement can be granted once cleared by a licensed professional as well as the administrative team at BCS (which includes the AD, principal, asst. principal and SRO).


The Brewer School Department will provide transportation to all “off-campus” interscholastic contests outside of the Brewer city limits. It is the responsibility of the parent(s)/guardian(s) to provide/arrange for transportation to and from practices and home events including practice facilities within the City of Brewer. We ask that parents are prompt in their pickup of their children after an event as coaches are asked to stay with athletes until they are picked up.

Transportation Behavior-

Transportation to and from events is a privilege and not a right. Students must behave and adhere to all bus rules as set forth by the Bus Company, school department and coaching staff. Students who cannot adhere to these rules will not be permitted to travel for away contests for an amount of time to be determined by the coaching staff and/or school administration. Additionally, when a student is suspended from the bus, the student-athlete is not permitted to participate in “off-campus” away athletic activities until their bus suspension has ended.


All student-athletes are required to have a physical on file with the School Nurses office prior to activity at BCS. The School Based Health Center can provide students with a basic sports physical by appointment. One physical is required during a student’s tenure at BCS.


Student-Athletes will be asked to turn in Emergency forms to their coach within the first two days of activity. This ensures the coaches have contact information in case an emergency arises. On the form is also a series of basic medical history updates.

General Conduct of Student/Athletes-

Student-athletes represent their families, their school and their community as a whole. Most importantly, student-athletes represent themselves. Conduct of student-athletes is very important. Students will show respect for their teachers, administrators, school staff, coaches, officials, opponents and bus drivers at all times. Failure to adhere to this concept will result in loss of playing time privileges as determined by the coaching staff and/or school administrators.

Expectations of Parents-

Middle school level athletics should never emphasize wins and losses or individual statistics. While we do keep score, the result at the end of the regulation clock, or after all of the innings are played is not what is important at this most developmentally crucial level. Our goal is to teach your child skills they can carry with them to the high school level and for later on in life. Along with basic sport specific concepts and skills, the coaching staff is attempting to teach your child “life skills”, such as teamwork, coping, communication and responsibility.

Brewer Community School athletic parents will be known for the following benchmarks:

  • Support their coach and children in the efforts to develop important life skills.
  • Support their coach and children in their efforts to develop basic sport skills.
  • Support their coach and children in their efforts to develop basic conceptual skills of the particular sport.
  • Provide space for the coaches and children to grow as individuals.
  • Respect the decisions of coaches and game officials during contests.
  • Respect for the facility our children are competing at and coaches are working in.

Failure to adhere to any or all of these benchmarks will result in removal from the event and possible restrictions from future events involving Brewer Community School athletics.

Parents/guardians are asked to bring matters regarding unethical, physically irresponsible and/or immoral treatment of their child directly to the attention of the schools administration.

All other issues regarding your own child’s athletic experience can be directed first to your child’s coach. Those issues may include, but are not limited to- your own child’s role on their team, skill development of your child, behavior of your child. Coaches and administrators will never discuss game strategy or playing time of other student-athletes with parents/guardians.

Lastly, it is never appropriate or acceptable for a parent to approach a coach about any controversial issue directly before or after game, match or meet. A meeting with the Athletic Administrator, coach, parent(s)/guardians and possibly the student-athlete effected may follow if this occurs.


What can parents expect of our coaches:

  • Effective communicator towards the student-athletes and home.
  • Approachable during the appropriate times as outlined above.
  • Caring about the overall development of the student-athlete (both athletically and most importantly, academically and socially).
  • Enthusiastic and positive.
  • Will develop the student-athlete to the best of his or her ability to teach the sport.

If a parent feels a coach is not adhering to any of the above components, parents are encouraged to contact the schools administration, specifically, the athletic director to discuss their concerns.

Draft presented: 5/5/2014

Administrative procedure effective as of September 2014.