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INAUGURAL CLASS: Class of 2014


Dan Coombs (Class of 1960)- Basketball, Baseball

David Farley (Class of 1960)- Track and Field, Basketball

David Jeffrey (Class of 1972)- Coach & Contributor

Joseph Ferris (Class of 1962)- Baseball, Contributor

Jeff Lynn (Class of 1988)- Swimming

Larry Mahaney- Coach

Ken Perrone- Coach

Clara Swan (Class of 1930)- Contributor to Women's Athletics

Chad White (Class of 1989)- Baseball, Basketball

Amy Winchester (Class of 1992)- Track and Field



Class of 2015:

Barrington Ivers (Class of 1929)- Track and Field 

Thomas Kelly III (Class of 1955)- Baseball and Football

Lura Hoit- Coach & Contributor to Women's Athletics

Bobby Bower (Class of 1955)- Football

Kris Littlefield Jordan (Class of 1985)- Field Hockey, Basketball, Softball

Ralph Payne (Class of 1971)- Football

Peter Phelan (Class of 1996)- Track and Field



Class of 2016:


Amy Banks (Class of 1980)- Basketball, Field Hockey, Softball

Heather Clark (Class of 2003)- Cross Country, Track

Dana L. Corey (Class of 1969)- Baseball, Football

Shirley "Slip" Corey (Class of 1939)- Football, Basketball, Baseball, Contributor: Male Athletics 1954-1990

Don Harnum (Class of 1958)- Basketball, Football

Charlie Heddericg (1944-1971)- Coach, Contributor: Baseball

Jessica N. Hodsdon (Class of 2009)- Swimming


Class of 2017:


1970 Football Team

Belinda Perry Beaulier (Class of 1990)- Soccer, Swimming, Softball 

Jen Puiia Castonguay (Class of 1999)- Indoor Track, Outdoor Track & Field

Dennis Kiah (1977-2012)- Athletic Administrator, Coach

Lawrence "Bud" Lyford (Class of 1941)- Football, Baseball 

Andy Nickerson (Class of 1984)- Football, Basketball, Baseball

Michael Norris (Class of 1977)- Golf


Class of 2018:


1953 Football Team & 1957 Football Team

Mark Doughty (Class of 1983)- Swimming

Paul Elkin (Class of 1982)- Track & Field

Teal Jackson (Class of 2013)- Track & Field

Ian Robinson (Class of 2003)- Tennis

Eric White (Class of 2010)- Ice Hockey and Baseball


Class of 2019:

1980 & 1981 Girls Cross Country Teams and 1981, 1982 & 1983 Girls Indoor Track Teams

Phil Adams, Jr. (Class of 1977)- Basketball

Darren Beers (Class of 1994)- Ice Hockey

Kim Dunn Gormely (Class of 1987)- Swimming 

Dave Gregory (Class of 1993)- Soccer

Robbie White (Class of 1988)- Baseball 

Dan O'Connell (1974-current)- Contributor 


Class of 2020:

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