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INAUGURAL CLASS: Class of 2014


Dan Coombs (Class of 1960)- Basketball, Baseball

David Farley (Class of 1960)- Track and Field, Basketball

David Jeffrey (Class of 1972)- Coach & Contributor

Joseph Ferris (Class of 1962)- Baseball, Contributor

Jeff Lynn (Class of 1988)- Swimming

Larry Mahaney- Coach

Ken Perrone- Coach

Clara Swan (Class of 1930)- Contributor to Women's Athletics

Chad White (Class of 1989)- Baseball, Basketball

Amy Winchester (Class of 1992)- Track and Field



Class of 2015:

Barrington Ivers (Class of 1929)- Track and Field 

Thomas Kelly III (Class of 1955)- Baseball and Football

Lura Hoit- Coach & Contributor to Women's Athletics

Bobby Bower (Class of 1955)- Football

Kris Littlefield Jordan (Class of 1985)- Field Hockey, Basketball, Softball

Ralph Payne (Class of 1971)- Football

Peter Phelan (Class of 1996)- Track and Field



Class of 2016:


Amy Banks (Class of 1980)- Basketball, Field Hockey, Softball

Heather Clark (Class of 2003)- Cross Country, Track

Dana L. Corey (Class of 1969)- Baseball, Football

Shirley "Slip" Corey (Class of 1939)- Football, Basketball, Baseball, Contributor: Male Athletics 1954-1990

Don Harnum (Class of 1958)- Basketball, Football

Charlie Heddericg (1944-1971)- Coach, Contributor: Baseball

Jessica N. Hodsdon (Class of 2009)- Swimming


Class of 2017:


1970 Football Team

Belinda Perry Beaulier (Class of 1990)- Soccer, Swimming, Softball 

Jen Puiia Castonguay (Class of 1999)- Indoor Track, Outdoor Track & Field

Dennis Kiah (1977-2012)- Athletic Administrator, Coach

Lawrence "Bud" Lyford (Class of 1941)- Football, Baseball 

Andy Nickerson (Class of 1984)- Football, Basketball, Baseball

Michael Norris (Class of 1977)- Golf


Class of 2018:


1953 Football Team & 1957 Football Team

Mark Doughty (Class of 1983)- Swimming

Paul Elkin (Class of 1982)- Track & Field

Teal Jackson (Class of 2013)- Track & Field

Ian Robinson (Class of 2003)- Tennis

Eric White (Class of 2010)- Ice Hockey and Baseball


Class of 2019:

The Class of 2019 will be announced during the week of July 1, 2019.

The Class of 2019 inducton banquet will be Saturday, September 14, 2019 in the Brewer High School cafeteria. Attendees must RSVP to attend this reception. 


Class of 2020:

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