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January 1 of each year



In determining induction into the Brewer Athletic Hall of Fame and in keeping with the mission of the Hall of Fame, the Selection Committee considers historical impact as well as representation from all of the various sports throughout the different eras of Brewer High School athletics to ensure a well-balanced hall of fame.  


The Brewer Athletic Hall of Fame exists to honor Brewer High School athletes, coaches, administrators, special contributors and teams whose achievements and involvement in athletics have brought outstanding recognition and esteem to themselves and to Brewer High School.  The organization aims to celebrate athletic excellence as an important educational component in the high school experience as well as to inspire present and future student-athletes and teams to strive for excellence and distinction in all their athletic and non-athletic endeavors through individual effort, team work, dedication and perseverance by perpetuating the memory and accomplishments of those who have served as role models.  The Hall of Fame seeks to shine light on the rich athletic history and tradition that has been generated through the years by the outstanding athletic programs of Brewer High School. 


Due to the significant number of superior student athletes, coaches, contributors and teams in each year’s nomination pool, it may take 3-5 years or more from the initial nomination for qualified candidates, as determined by the Hall of Fame Selection committee, to be inducted.


If you have questions about the Brewer Athletic Hall of Fame nomination process, please email the Nominations Coordinator Sarah Estes at