BHS Athletic Code


Regulation JJIC-A



This code will apply to all extracurricular athletic groups at Brewer High School.


All students who wish to participate in any extracurricular athletic activities should make certain they are aware of the code of conduct and their responsibilities under such code.  It is also the parents’ responsibility to understand the student’s obligations and to do their part to assure compliance.


Each participant should realize that activities at Brewer High School are a privilege.  When students become members of a Brewer High School athletic team, they must recognize they are representatives of the school, their community, and themselves as individuals.  They are expected to be leaders in promoting good sportsmanship and citizenship.  Participants are afforded this privilege of representing themselves and their school as long as they adhere to each and every provision herein.  Failure to comply with this procedure indicates the participant does not wish to be part of Brewer’s athletic program and will be treated accordingly.


Mandatory Meeting

A meeting with each sports’ coaches and the prospective participants will be held prior to, or just after, the beginning of each respective sports season. It is mandatory that at least one parent/guardian attend this meeting as several protocols will be communicated to the parents.


Contact should be made directly to the coach in the event of an unavoidable absence from this meeting as absence from any of these meeting may be granted by coaches or the athletic administrator on a case by case basis with information being provided in an alternative manner.


All Brewer School Department related policies and supplemental information will be accessible on the athletic department’s website: under the “Parent/Athlete Resources” menu.  


Academic Eligibility

All students who compete in interscholastic athletics are required to abide by the rules set by the Maine Principals Association (MPA), the Brewer School Committee, and the Brewer School Department.


Per MPA rules, students are ineligible if they (1) have attained the age of 20 or (2) have attended high school for 8 consecutive semesters. 


Brewer High School’s Academic Eligibility Standard:


Eligibility will be determined at the end of each ranking quarter.


At the end of every 9 week ranking period, as determined by the school calendar, students will be evaluated for eligibility in interscholastic athletics. The following will be the criteria to determine eligibility. 

1.  Students must be taking a minimum of six courses, unless approved otherwise by an administrator (keeping in mind the MPA has a minimum requirement).

2.  Students are not permitted to fail two (2), or more academic courses during the preceeding academic ranking quarter. Students who fail two or more courses will be deemed ineligible for athletics during that athletic season. 

   a. Students must be aware that UTC counts as four (4) academic courses, as 4 credits are earned through UTC towards graduation. 

   b. Posted incomplete grades are counted as failing.

 3. The grades posted at the time of the report card being issued are what will be used for the purpose of athletic eiligibility. 

Eligibility simplified:


Progress reports are not used in eligibility at all. 


All incoming freshman enter Brewer High School fully eligible to participate in fall athletics.  


Fall eligibility is based on the 4th quarter of the preceding school year based on the criteria outlined above. Students must have earned a minimum of 5 credits towards graduation in the preceding school year in order to be eligible for fall athletics.


Winter eligibility is based on the 1st quarter of the current school year. Additionally, after the 2nd quarter, continuing eligibility will be determined based on 2nd quarter grades. 


Spring eligibility is based on the 3rd quarter of the current school year. All students are permitted to tryout for a spring activity, however, their continued participation will be determined once the 3rd quarter grades are evaluated. Additionally, spring teams and student-athletes who make deep runs into the postseason may be affected by 4th quarter eligibility in June.


All student-athletes should discuss questions of eligibility with the coach or athletic director in order to avoid situations embarrassing to themselves and to the school. 


APPEALS of academic eligibility are to be made directly to the high school principal.


Brewer High School will assume a sending schools academic policy as it pertains to transfer students seeking to attend Brewer High School to avoid ineligibility at their sending school. 


Attendance Policy:


Student-athletes are expected to be in attendance for a full school day in order to participate with their team on that given calendar day. However, there are instances where a student may be excused from school, and maintain their daily eligibility to participate in athletics. This would occur for many non-illness related excused absences such as, but not limited to, bereavement, an appointment or religious observance. Additionally, there are some excused absences that a student would not permitted to participate in athletics on that day, for example, if a student missed school to return home from a concert, or non-school related event out of town.

If a student is ill for the academic day (be it excused or unexcused), he or she will not be permitted to participate in athletics that day. Additionally, a student will need to be in attendance by the beginning of third block in order to be eligible that day if tardy due to illness in the morning. A student who is dismissed early due to illness will not be permitted to participate in athletics later in the day.

Student-Athletes and/or their parent/guardians are expected to communicate absences to their coach(es). Failure to follow this communication protocol may lead to disciplinary action by the coach(es) and be viewed as unexcused absences in that activity. Each coach will communicate their protocol at their pre-season parent and athlete meeting.


Athletic Paperwork

Athletic Paperwork:Student-Athletes and their parents are required to submit the following paperwork to their coach(es). The frequency of the paperwork is noted.


Physical Form- once through a high school career

Health History update- seasonal after a Physical is on file

Acknowledgement of the Athletic Code- once per school year

Athletic Trainer/Team Doctor Permission to Treat form- once through a high school career





Each participant of an athletic team must have a physical examination.  Through appointment with the school based health center, the school department may provide one session of physicals per year which covers the participant for his/her entire high school career.  You may choose to have your family doctor supply a physical;  in that case, you should pick up forms from the coach and return when completed. 


Concussion Screening


Per Brewer School Department policy JJIF, the athletic staff will pre-screen all student-athletes in grades 9-12 with “Baseline Concussion” tests. Brewer High School utilizes the “ImPACT” Concussion test. The athletic department will provide free screening to all student-athletes at designated times and locations prior to the start of each season. Parents may opt their child out of the screening process by filling out the permission form and choosing the “Opt out” option. Student-athletes bring their permission forms with them to their ImPACT screening session. Each student must either have a baseline test or an “Opt out” form on file in order to continue participating in athletics.


General Rules of Conduct


  1. Any equipment issued to a participant is to be properly cared for and returned at the end of the activity.  Any equipment not returned, or not returned in the proper condition will have to be paid for by the participant in order to participate in further activities until the problem is resolved. These fees may also be added to a student's “dues” which must be paid in full before the issuance of a diploma occurs.

  2. On school sponsored trips, participants are to dress appropriately.  They will be briefed on behavior and related responsibilities by the coach.

  3. Vulgar language or unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated in any school-related activity.  If necessary, disciplinary action will result.

  4. Participants must make up detention the day it is assigned, unless excused by the athletic director of principal.

  5. Per MPA rules (the Bona-Fide team rule), no BHS athletic team member may compete in any outside organized team activity as a team member or individual participant during the BHS regular season or postseason, unless approved by the athletic director. An example of the MPA Bona-Fide team rule would be a BHS baseball player that leaves on a Friday for a club hockey team event, thus missing the BHS baseball practices or games. This would be a violation of the MPA’s Bona-Fide rule. Each student-athlete may be granted one waiver for this rule per year. The waiver can be obtained from the athletic director.

  6. Participation is strictly on a voluntary basis.  Therefore, membership in any sport implies understanding of, and adherence to, all sections of this code.  For the purpose of implementing and enforcing this code, a sports season will begin with the first team meeting and end with the last countable contest or practice.

  7. Transportation on school provided busing is a privilege and all appropriate behaviors are expected of student-athletes. Transportation privileges may be revoked by the coach(es) and/or school administration if appropriate behaviors on school provided transportation are not displayed.

  8. Student-athletes are reminded to demonstrate appropriate behaviors on social media. Instances where student-athletes participate in activities on social media that reflect negatively on them as individuals, their team or their school may result in disciplinary actions determined by the administration of Brewer High School or their coach(es). Parents should monitor behaviors of their students on social media and remind them that what they type or post on social media websites represents their character. Social media posts remain available forever, even after they have been deleted.

  9. Brewer High School does not allow for dual-sport participation for student-athletes during the same athletic season.

  10. The athletic director shall establish a reasonable period of “drop/add” for all athletic teams.

  11. There is no school department rule that mandates coaches start or play seniors on the last home contest. Coaches will communicate “Senior Recognition (aka “Senior Night”) protocols during their pre-season parents and athlete meeting.

  12. Coaches will establish a criteria for lettering and receiving of athletic awards for their individual activities. These criteria will be communicated during the parent and athlete meeting in the pre-season.

  13. An end of season gathering, or “banquet” will be held by each activity. Some coaches may choose to include their sub varsity programs and some may choose to have individual team banquets within their programs. The format of the banquet will be decided by the coaching staff and communicated to the parents and student-athletes during the parent and student preseason meeting. Some banquets may invite parents and loved ones, where other activities will be for the athletes only.

  14. All other Brewer High School student-handbook rules apply, which include the school’s dress code.



Extracurricular Activities and Substance Use


Any student who is a member of an athletic team will be subjected to disciplinary action if, during his/her sports season, he/she is involved in any of the following:


Self admission, proof of possession, witness and verified testimony by a staff member, or use of through a criminal summons of buying, selling, or distributing any intoxicating beverages, illegal drugs, or look-alike drugs, or tobacco products (including chewing or smokeless tobacco and any type of “E-cigarette”, vapor pen or 'juul').  This may also include, but not be limited to, knowingly and willfully being in situations where underage participants are consuming, transporting or otherwise engaging in illegal activities or distributing illegal substances.


If the violation occurs other than stated previously, the participant will be subjected to the following procedures:


1. First Offense During School Year

a.  Verification and documentation of offense by administrator

b.  Student-administrator meeting

c.  Notification of parents

d.  10 student day restriction from school activities


2.  Second Offense During School Year

a.  Verification and documentation of offense by administrator

b.  Student-administrator meeting

c.  Notify parents

d.  30 student day restriction from school activities


3.  Third Offense During School Year

  1. Verification and documentation of offense by administrator

  2. Student-administrator meeting

  3. Notify parent

  4. Suspended from athletic activities for the remainder of the school year

  5. Parents meet with administrator

  6. Formal evaluation by an outside agency

  7. Formal evaluation mandatory to regain eligibility for subsequent years


4.  A student, not involved in an ongoing code violation investigation, may be granted immunity from initial disciplinary action if he/she is willing to voluntarily seek professional help for an alcohol or drug problem.


 5.  A member of a team caught furnishing/selling illegal substances will be suspended from school activities for 30 student days.


Criminal Offenses

Violation of law, other than substance abuse, will be reviewed by a committee, made up of the principal, assistant principal, athletic director, and coach which will determine future participation of the individual in athletics. In most cases involving criminal summonses or criminal allegations, the student-athlete will be removed from the activity until adjudication of the accused violation occurs.


Appeal Procedures

Appeal procedures for any disciplinary action will be handled by the principal and/or athletic director with ultimately the Superintendent of Schools having final jurisdiction over all instances. 



First Voted August 21, 1995

Revised: August 1, 2003

Revised:  April 4, 2005

Revised:  May 5, 2014

Revised: June 8, 2016

Revised: June 28, 2017

Revised: July 2018