Dennis B. Kiah Scholarship award winners

Listed are the recipients of the Dennis B. Kiah Scholarship- 

2011: Rylee Hutchins

2012: Missy Thompson and John Hand

2013: Morgan Small and Josh Williams

2014: Maddy Bailey and Alec Wortman  

2015: Samantha Pellegrino and Greg Warmuth

2016: Meg Davis and Danny Davis

2017: Courtney Pearson and Tyler Hersey 

2018: Cassandra Brown and Cameron Oxley


Beginning February 27, 2019, application forms for the Class of 2019 scholarship can be found below. 

CLICK HERE, or stop by the BHS Main Office for a copy 


2019 applications will be due to the main office by Monday, April 1. 2019. 


Photos of previous winners:


 2017- Courtney Pearson and Tyler Hersey