Athletic Philosophies

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The Brewer School Department and the Athletic Department strive to provide quality educational athletic opportunities for any student-athlete who chooses to participate in interscholastic athletics at the various levels of competition. 

Each level of competition offer their own unique experiences for student-athletes and each level comes with their own expectations from student-athletes and parents. 

The goal of the athletic department is provide meaningful and educationally appropriate opportunities to interact socially, compete, build camaraderie and improve interpersonal skills while also maintaining a high level of integrity, sportsmanship and pride while representing self, school, family and community. 

Core values of the Brewer athletic department and traits we strive to help our student-athletes learn are: 

- personal accountability

- teamwork and camaraderie (team before self)

- integrity

- sportsmanship 

- pride in school, community, self and family

- respect for coaches, opponenents, officials, facilities, self and fans. 

Outlined below are expectations and beliefs at each of the levels within the athletic department in the Brewer School department:


Varsity competition is the highest level of competition that many student-athletes will enter. At this level, playing time is awarded to the student-athletes who earn it based on several factors determined by each coach. Coaches at the varsity level offer high intensity practices and a more complex level of understanding for the sport. Ultimately in the varsity level, emphasis is on the end result for the team while maintaining all other core values of the Brewer athletic department. 

Junior Varsity-

Junior Varsity (JV) competition is a developmentally centered level in which student-athletes learn skills and techniques that will benefit them ultimately for varsity level competition. Playing time at the JV level is not equal or mandatory. Student-athletes earn playing time through practice experiences and previous game situations. Coaches at this level will search for a balance between competitiveness and in-game experience for their teams.

Student-athletes in grades 9, 10 and 11 are eligible for JV competition and in rare instances, students in grade 12 may be offered a spot on a JV team. 

Coaches reserve the right and authority to move players up or down (aka "swing") from Varsity or First Team based on individual and overall team/program needs.  

First Team (formerly referred to as Freshman)-

First Team (1st Team) level competition is reserved exclusively for freshman and sophomore student-athletes that require further skill development and conceptual understanding. Coaches at the 1st team level will attempt to get each student-athlete into each contest. The amount of playing time will be based upon practice habits, attendance, understanding of the system and prior game performance. Emphasis at this level will be development of the student-athlete through positive practice habits and earned contest experience. Only in rare circumstances will student-athletes not participate in a contest. These situations will be communicated in advance by the coach to the student-athlete. 

Coaches reserve the right and authority to move players down (aka "swing") from the JV level based on individual and overall team/program needs. 

Middle School "A" Level- 

At the "A" level, focus is on skill development and higher level conceptual understanding. Student-athletes in grades 6, 7, and 8 are eligible to participate in "A" level athletics. Coaches at the "A" level will get each student-athlete into each contest; however, the amount of playing time earned will be based on practice habits, attendance and prior game experiences. Only in rare circumstances will student-athletes not participate in a contest. These situations will be communicated in advance by the coach to the student-athlete and parent(s)/guardian(s). 

Middle School "B" Level-

At the "B" level, focus is primarily on basic motor skill development and basic sport specific concepts. Playing time at the "B" level is not equal, however, each student-athlete will be provided multiple opportunities to perform in game competition unless there are disciplinary situations that require a coach to limit or eliminate a student-athletes playing time for that contest. Only in rare circumstances will student-athletes not participate in a contest. These situations will be communicated in advance by the coach to the student-athlete and parent(s)/guardian(s). 

"B" level competition is open to all BCS students in grades 6, 7 and 8. In rare instances where "B" rosters needed added players, a separate tryout for 5th graders will be held. These needs will be communicated through the Community School. 

Benchmarks of the Brewer Athletic Department staff:

- Effective Communicators

- Professional in manner and interactions

- Reliable

- Trustworthy 

- Prepared

- Knowledgable

- Approachable

- Loyal

Summer activities:

Many coaches within the Brewer athletic department choose to VOLUNTEER their time throughout the summer to provide ample opportunities to continue to develop skill and provide game experience leading up to the MPA Mandatory 2 week "Hands Off Period". While coaches will encourage student-athletes within their programs to participate in summer activities, the ultimate decision is up to the individual and the family of the student-athlete. While participation is not mandatory, please keep in mind the more a student-athlete works on a skill set, the more proficient he or she will become. This concept is the same in academics. For example,  a student who spends 20 hours a week reading will be a more effective reader than a student who spends 5 hours a week reading. 

Questions about summer activities can be found on each sports page within this website, or by contacting each coach individually. 

Any questions about the athletic philosophies of the Brewer Witches can be directed to the athletic director, David Utterback